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From first class father to world class father
Receive a Mastering Discipline Reading List, 200+ Printable Lunchbox Affirmations and a 7 step guide to start your day with energy and confidence as a token of our appreciation for your help.

In just 5 minutes filling out 3 multiple choice questions, and answer 1 open question, you as a first class father, will have been instrumental in creating world class fathers! 
Which of the following is most important to you:
Money/Finances/Unlimited Wealth | Abundance
Patience/Poised/Calm | Embracing Pressure
Time Management | Activity Management | Obligation Management
Discipline/Consistency towards daily improvement
Top Notch Health | Health Awareness
Deep connections
Self illumination
Self Realization
What is your single most pressing challenge, when it comes to being a father?
And what prompted you to search for the answer today in particular?
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